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Milk is Magic !

Taken for granted sometimes. Like Mother’s milk can be. And “milk of human kindness” may feel. Milk helped bond our very first human relationship.

At what age do we understand why milk is such a precious resource? And is it just coincidence or why do women and dairy farmers seem so marginalised, socially & economically?

Is the way we think about milk a common thread and if so why? Either way, feeding those in need is a journey, big & small. Any journey for any resource, physical or metaphorical is a type of journey

A “Milk Road” type of journey.

Without names for people, places or things like this, discussing them becomes more confusing than it should be.

What does a milk road look like?

Why is this important to you?

Milk Road journeys by people with wants & needs from various places around the world change ways of life for people like you who live in places like Tasmania.